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TRT TX Feed channels Biss Key on Türksat 3A 2021

TRT TX Feed channels Biss Key on Türksat 3A 2021

TURKSAT 3A (42.0°E)
Freq: 10968 V 7916 5/6 (MPEG-4/HD)
CCcam & Newcamd (constant.dw):
2600:000000:0001:0800:1FFF::20 20 12 52 EE AA 11 A9 20 20 12 52 EE AA 11 A9 ;IC YAPIMLAR (42.0°E)
2600:000000:03E9:0020:1FFF::20 20 12 52 EE AA 11 A9 20 20 12 52 EE AA 11 A9 ;TRT2 HD (42.0°E)

Oscam/Ncam/Wicard/Oscam ymod: (softcam.key):
F 00010BB8 00 20201252EEAA11A9 ;IC YAPIMLAR (42.0°E)
F 00010BB8 01 20201252EEAA11A9 ;IC YAPIMLAR (42.0°E)
F 03E90378 00 20201252EEAA11A9 ;TRT2 HD (42.0°E)
F 03E90378 01 20201252EEAA11A9 ;TRT2 HD (42.0°E)

TRT 1 is the first Turkish national television network, owned by state broadcaster TRT. It was launched on 31 January 1968 as a test broadcast and was officially launched in December 1971. It was the only channel in Turkey until 15 September 1986, when TRT launched its second channel, 2. Kanal. It is also available in Azerbaijan on terrestrial television.

On 19 May 2012, it started broadcasting on 16:9 aspect ratio and launched its own HD simulcast feed.

TRT 1 is Turkish general TV channel. Turksat or other satellite is free-to-air. Available Turksat satellite, Digitürk, D-Smart, Turksat Cable TV, Tivibu or foreign cable platform.

Like other TRT channels, TRT 1 broadcasts 24 hours a day. It broadcasts a short startup at 5:58 AM, where the TRT ident is shown, followed by the programme list for the day, and then the Turkish National Anthem (Independence March) is played.

In January 2008, TRT celebrated its 40th anniversary. At that time TRT was broadcasting old idents while maintaining the modern logo and news studio. Every day, newer idents could be seen. This event also happened in 1978, 1988 and 1998. In 2018, the channel celebrated its 50th anniversary.

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