SUNO TV on LoaSat-1 @128.5E Asia Cup Frequency Biss key 2022

SUNO TV on LoaSat-1 @128.5E Asia Cup Frequency Biss key 2022

PakSat-1R @38
FREQ: 3740 V 3800
MPEG4/HD/FTA Started


Suno Chanda (Urdu: سنوچندا, lit. ’Listen Love’) is a 2018 Pakistani Ramadan special romantic comedy series developed by Shahzad Javed, Head of Content, HUM TV directed by Ahson Talish and written by Saima Akram Chudhery. The series celebrates the Pakistani wedding traditions and relates the story of a couple who are in Nikaah, living separately as the Rukhsati is yet to happen, and the relationship between their families. It aired everyday on Hum TV.

It features Iqra Aziz and Farhan Saeed[9] as Jiya and Arsalan respectively in the leading roles while Samina Ahmad,[10] Syed Mohammed Ahmed,Sami Khan, Nadia Afgan,] Farah Shah, Sohail Sameer, Farhan Ali Agha, Mizna Waqas, Ali Safina, Tara Mahmood,[ Adnan Shah TipuMashal Khan and Nabeel Zuberi in recurring roles.The series is produced by Momina Duraid under their production banner MD Productions.

The series received five major nominations at the 18th Lux Style Awards, including Best Television Play for Momina Duraid, Best Writer for Choudhary, Best Actress (Critics and Viewers) for Aziz and Best Emerging Talent for Zuberi. It won three Lux Style Awards, including Best Series and Best Actress for Aziz.[21] Series received highest ratings and positive reviews on its premiere, and was the slot leader for the whole time it was on air. Its sequel Suno Chanda 2 is released on 7 May 2019 and ended 5 June 2019 after airing 30 episodes on Hum TV. The show was followed by two sequels Suno Chanda 2 (2019) and an upcoming Suno Chanda 3 (2023).

The series revolves around two cousins, living in a joint family, Arsalan Jamshed Ali and Ajiya Nazakat Ali who have taken their vows (Nikaah) but do not yet live together because the wedding and Rukhsati are not held yet. Both Jiya and Arsal do not want to get married due to personality clashes but are forced by the family to honor their dying grandfather’s wishes. Jiya dreams of joining the London School of Economics for higher studies after her BBA. Bi Jaan, the head of the family is Arsal and Jiya’s grandmother. She has two sons Jamshed Ali and Nazakat Ali and a daughter Masooma who is married to Jalal Khan. They live in Peshawar. Jamshed Ali is married to Shahana and Nazakat Ali, to Naeema. Jiya has a younger brother Daniyal Nazakat Ali (DJ) who is an aspiring news reporter. He is always on sting operations making videos of family members and breaking news.

Arsal and Jiya being cousins are childhood companions. They play pranks on each other. The undesired nikah has put them in conflict.

The only daughter of the family Masooma with her husband Jalal and their daughter Kinza arrives to fix the date of marriage. Jiya and Arsal are constantly scheming to stop the wedding. Jiya, Arsal, and their cousin Kinza (Masooma and Jalal’s daughter) who came from Peshawar, Pakistan with her parents, decides to help them to prevent the wedding from happening due to the fact of her having a secret crush on Arsal. Thus, she helps Arsal and Jiya in canceling the wedding by creating problems and rifts among the family members. Shah Jahan (brother-in-law of Bi Jaan) and his grandson Shehryar who are settled in London visit Pakistan for Arsal and Jiya’s marriage planned to happen after Eid. They were invited by Jiya unknowing to Bi Jaan. Bi Jaan dislikes Shah Jahan, her late husband’s brother as he made her marry his brother in extenuating circumstances, while she liked him. Sherry is close to his cousins and a co-conspirator in their plots to stop the marriage. Sherry asks both Arsal and Jiya to resolve their problem amicably. Sherry also helps Jiya to fulfill her dream of joining the London School of Economics and they plan to study together. Sherry eventually develops feelings for Jiya which makes Arsal jealous. Meanwhile, Bi Jaan’s niece (sister’s daughter), Arbela (Billo) arrives to attend the wedding. Billo was supposed to marry Jamshed, Arsal’s father but Jamshed chose to marry Shahana instead. Shahana gets jealous of Jamshed and Billo’s growing closeness and angrily leaves the house. Kinza and Arsal too come to live with her. Jiya’s parents Naema and Nazakat cancel the wedding due to misunderstanding and rift caused by the





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