SS Service 1 HD, 1-3 SD Biss Key and Frequency 2021

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SS Service 1 HD, 1-3 SD Biss Key and Frequency Today Good Working Feed Kode Here Update Latest 2021

Albania – Superliga
New TP: 10804 H Back with two new feeds/keys
Eutelsat 16A at 16.0°E
10804 H 29950
Id: SS_Service1 (Sid:0884 Vpid:0885 Pmtpid:0884)
#CW: 35 51 47 CD 12 38 98 E2
Id: SS_Service2 (Sid:08a2 Vpid:08a3 Pmtpid:08a2)
#CW: 35 51 47 CD 24 18 71 AD

The Special Service Group (SSG) are the special forces of the Pakistan Army tasked with five primary missions: foreign internal defense, reconnaissance, direct actions, counter-terrorism, and unconventional warfare– their most important mission.

The Special Service Group’s other roles included the combat search and rescue, seek and destroy, counter-proliferation, military hostage rescue, information operations, peacekeeping missions, psychological operations, security assistance, and enemy manhunts.

The command and control of the special forces fall in the domain of the Pakistan Army’s Strategic Forces Command (ASFC), and its personnel are directly recruited into ISI’s Covert Action Division (CAD) upon their retirements. Many of their operational work and war techniques are kept in secrecy and knowledge of their work became known in public through the published literary work by the army veterans or authorized documentaries in the news media.

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