Rotana Comedy New Freq/TP on Badr 5 at 26.0°E 2021

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Rotana Comedy TV Channel HD New Frequency on Badr 5 at 26.0°E Good Working Feed Code Latest Transponder 2021

Rotana Media Group, commonly known as Rotana (Arabic: روتانا‎ Rōtānā), is the Arab World’s largest entertainment company. It is primarily owned by Saudi prince Al-Waleed bin Talal Biss Keys .

The large pan-Arab media conglomerate includes a film production company (Rotana Studios), free to air television stations (Rotana TV), music channels (Rotana Radio), a record label (Rotana Records) and others businesses.

Rotana Comedy New Freq/TP on Badr 5 at 26.0°E 2021

Rotana was founded by Ibrahim Nagro and his brothers, with a 50% share to the Saudi business man Saleeh Kameel.

Rotana Comedy New Freq/TP on Badr 5 at 26.0°E 2021 – In 2003, Al-Waleed increased his stake to 100 percent, after initially acquiring a 48 percent stake in 2002. He developed Rotana Music Channel as a 24-hour free-to-air service for Rotana artists. This was followed by Rotana 2, Rotana Clip, augmented with SMS, and Rotana 3 for classical Arab music, followed by a movie channel. Alwaleed’s stated goal is to have 6 Rotana channels Biss Keys .

Rotana Comedy FTA Latest Frequency Here Update Working 2021

Rotana Comedy FTA New Freq/TP on Badr 5 at 26.0°East Working TP 2021
Channel Name
Rotana Comedy
Badr 5 at 26.0°East
11862 H 27500
MPEG4/HD/FTA Started

Rotana Comedy New Freq/TP on Badr 5 at 26.0°E 2021 – Rotana TV has many specialized channels. General programming stations include Khalijia (خليجية), LBCSat (al-Fadaʼīyah al Lubnānīyah الفضائية اللبنانية), Rotana Media Services (RMS) and RMS Outdoor. Rotana film channels include Rotana Cinema KSA and Rotana Cinema Egypt and Rotana Classic (for classic movies)Rotana Afalam, Rotana America, Rotana Afalam+ HD, Rotana HD, M+. Rotana also runs a number of music channels including Rotana Clip, Rotana Music, and an Islamic religious channel Biss Keys Al-Resala.

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