Rotana Aflam+HD Biss Key on Yahsat 1A at 52.5°E SID Working

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Rotana Aflam+HD Biss Key on Yahsat 1A at 52.5°E SID Working 2022

YAHSAT-1 @52°E
TP: 11976 H 27500
SID: 0001
Biss Key : 12 AA 12 CE BB 12 CC 99

Rotana Media Group, commonly known as Rotana (Arabic: روتانا‎ Rōtānā), is the Arab World’s largest entertainment company. It is primarily owned by Saudi prince Al-Waleed bin Talal.

The large pan-Arab media conglomerate includes a film production company (Rotana Studios), free to air television stations (Rotana TV), music channels (Rotana Radio), a record label (Rotana Records) and others businesses.

Rotana was founded by Ibrahim Nagro and his brothers, with a 50% share to the Saudi business man Saleeh Kameel.

In 2003, Al-Waleed increased his stake to 100 percent, after initially acquiring a 48 percent stake in 2002. He developed Rotana Music Channel as a 24-hour free-to-air service for Rotana artists. This was followed by Rotana 2, Rotana Clip, augmented with SMS, and Rotana 3 for classical Arab music, followed by a movie channel. Alwaleed’s stated goal is to have 6 Rotana channels.

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