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JTV Ethiopia Latest Freq/TP on Eutelsat 8 West 2021

JTV Ethiopia HD Channel New Frequency on Eutelsat 8 West B at 8.0°West Today Latest Transponder New TP Code Here Update Working 2021

JTV Ethiopia is an Ethiopian satellite television channel owned by Yosef Gebre, a journalist, singer and philanthropist who previously began his TV show in EBS TV before establishing his own channel. It is based in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S and was launched in 2016 on Nilesat.

The channel was started and named after the singer and talk show host Yosef Gebre (known as Jossy) who previously hosted his talk show Jossy in Z House on EBS TV. After an alleged dispute with EBS TV in 2014, Yosef took his talk show off the channel and started his own channel which later became JTV Ethiopia Biss Keys. The channel has correspondents and studios in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The channel obtained a license to broadcast in Ethiopia in 2018.

JTV Ethiopia Latest Frequency Here Update Working 2021

JTV Ethiopia FTA Frequency on Eutelsat 8 West B at 8.0°W Working TP 2021
Channel Name
JTV Ethiopia
Eutelsat 8 West B at 8.0°W
11595 V 27500 7/8
Today Update
May 05-05-2020

Eutelsat 8 West C

JTV Ethiopia Latest Freq/TP on Eutelsat 8 West 2021Eutelsat 8 West C, known as Hot Bird 6 prior to 2012 and Hot Bird 13A from 2012 to 2013, is a French communications satellite. Operated by Eutelsat, it provides direct to home broadcasting services from geostationary orbit. The satellite was part of Eutelsat’s Hot Bird constellation at a longitude of 13 degrees east, until it was relocated to 8 degrees west between July and August 2013.

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