Asiasat 7 Channels List – Frequencies 2022

AsiaSat 7 at 105.5°E Channels List – Frequencies 2022

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Asiasat 7 Channels List – Working Frequencies 2020
Asiasat 7 Channels List – Working Frequencies 2020

Asiasat 7 Channels List – Frequencies 2021; what is the Frequency, frequency is a type of a code that is used to encrypt the codes of the channel. This is used the scramble the channels. Some of the channels are provided free to air but most of them are paid (encrypted), can be watched with the paid subscription. These subscriptions are used by the cable operators to view the paid channels for their clients. But in remote areas the cable system isn’t reached yet. The lovers of Sports, Movies and other programs viewed on the paid channels can’t be watched by them. Now what can they do. Here is the solution. Asiasat 7 channels list, asiasat 7 frequencies list, list of all channels on asiasat 7 2019 today new latest updated and working channels list frequency list on asiasat 7 3s 105.5e 2019. To view these channels encrypted with the PowerVu or Biss or other keys, they have to catch the key and put it into their satellite receivers to start enjoying these tv channels. But now the question is how to find biss keys, PowerVu Keys?, where the biss keys, PowerVu are stored?. Answers is that the keys are only the management team from where the satellite tv is being transmitted. They provides these keys on the internet for the lovers.

SONY NETWORK PowerVu ECM Keys On AsiaSat 7 at 105.5°East 2022;

Updated: 08-07-2021

Asiasat 7 Channels List – Frequencies 2020 Working and Updated

3625 H 2444 Shamshad Tv
Sony Network
Powervu key

3653 V 14100 Sahara Samay
Sahara One
Sahara Samay National
Sahara Samay CR
Sahara Samay Mumbai
Sahara Samay Uttar Pradesh
Sahara Samay Bihar
Aalami Sahara
Sahara Samay Madhya Pradesh
Sahara Firangi

3690 H 15000
India News Harya
India News Rajas
India News
Delhi News
India News UP/UK
India News MP
News X
Insight HD

3705 V 3555 Peace TV Chinese

3706 H 6000
Channel NewsAsia
Channel NewsAsia (625 lines)
Channel NewsAsia (525 lines)

3712 V 9000
Peace TV HD
Peace TV Urdu HD

3714 H 8167
Xing Kong Hong Kong
Channel V China
Xing Kong International

3725 V 4833

3729 H 13650
TVB Xing He
China Entertainment TV

3732 V 7250
Zee Network

3740 V 2815 Madani Channel

3745 V 2625 Fashion TV Asia

3755 V 4418 Arirang Arab

3760 H 26000 GlobeCast
Hadi TV 1
Bloomberg TV Asia
Wesal urdu
MTA International
Al Jazeera English
TV 5 Monde Asie
Eurosport Asia
Eurosport News
DW Deutsch

3780 V 29720
Star TV

3800 H 28100
$Star TV
$Asianet HD test card
$Star World Premiere HD
3820 V 27500
Zee Network
Zee Salaam
ETC India

3840 H 29720
Star TV

3860 V 28100
$Star TV

3880 H 27500
D tv Gold
Isaac TV
Sun TV China
Macau Lotus TV
Sahar Urdu
Al Jazeera English
NHK World TV

3890 V 11838
Reliance Broadcast Network
$Big Magic
$Big Magic Ganga
$Big Magic Gaurav
$Big Magic Punjab
$Big Magic Uttar Pradesh

3899 V 2240
Big Thrill

3906 V 2814
Such TV

3915 V 7260
SSCS Network
Silver Screen
Star Lite
Film Asia
Star Max
Falak TV
Joo Music
Champion TV

3920 H 29720 $Star TV

3940 V 28100
$Star TV

3960 H 27500
Powervu key
$Turner International Asia
$CNN International Asia Pacific
$Cartoon Network Asia
$CNN Newsource feed – TV1 (FEED Asia sat)
$Cartoon Network Taiwan
$Cartoon Network Philippines
$Cartoon Network Australia
$TCM Australia – Boomerang Australia
$TCM Asia – Toonami – Tru TV Asia

3980 V 28100
Star TV
Star Utsav
4000 H 29720
$Fox Entertainment Thailand
$Fox Family Movies $Star World $Vietnam
$Fox Crime
$NG People
$Fox Family Movies
$NGC HD – SCC Intl HD –
$NG Wild HD
$Fox Sports Asia HD
4040 H 26500
VoA TV Asia
American Embassy TV Network
VoA TV Africa
VoA TV Persian
VoA TV China

4060 V 26666
ARY Digital
ARY Zindagi
$Nickelodeon Pakistan
ARY Digital Asia
$ARY Digital UK/Europe
ARY Musik
$ARY Digital Mid East
$ARY News UK & USA
ARY News Pakistan
$HBO Pakistan
$ARY Digital USA

4065 H 4295
SSCS Network
Jan TV
Sabaoon TV
Prime Asia TV
MLQ Movies
Globale news TV
Globle TV
Attanr TV

4071 H 2813 Auto CATV
4076 H 6500

AVT Khyber
Khyber News
Kay 2
Pashto 1
4082 H 3185 Hidayat TV
G would TV
Globle tv

4086 H 3185
A plus

4091 H 2894
PTV Global USA

4095 H 2894
PTV World

4100 V 29720
Al Jazeera English HD
Ahl-E-Bait TV
Z Living Asia HD

B4U Movies Asia Pacific
Bloomberg TV Asia HD
B4U Movies India
B4U Music India

4120 H 27500 Phoenix InfoNews Channel HD
Phoenix Chinese Channel HD
Phoenix Hong Kong HD
Phoenix InfoNews Channel
Phoenix Chinese Channel
Phoenix Movies Channel

4140 V 27500
Zee Network
Zing Asia
Zee news
4146 H 5317
Paigham TV Paigham Pashto TV M TV
Azad Movies
S tv
4156 H 9833
Hum Hum TV Masala TV Hum Sitaray Hum TV World Hum TV MENHum TV World Hum TV News
4165 H 5040 Cinema 1
Bollywood 24
Filmy Rhythm
Cinema 2
Sargam TV
4176 H 2815 Music Box
Uni Plus
Shop Now
4180 V 30000 Sony BTV NATIONAL
3690 V 11110 MPEG2 Biss Key.D2BE5AEABC67F81B

Asiasat is based in Hong Kong with two major shareholders, CITIC (34.8 per cent) and General Electric
(34.1 per cent). It was Founded in 1988. Its Asia’s (India,Pakistan & other countries) no. 1 Satellite.
Its mostly tuned in these countries. It has a lot of popular channels like entertainment, dramas, movies, news,
music & others. Most of its channels are in Urdu & Hindi Languages and some channels are in English. It is situated
in the orbit of 105.0 degrees East. Its signals status (quality,level) is very strong. Its not difficult to install.
Currently Asiasat7 at 105.0E has 200+ fta(free to air) and scramble(encrypted) channels & its growing day by day.
Its Network has

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