Asia Cup Qualification Biss Key on AsiaSat 5 at 100.5°E

Asia Cup Qualification Biss Key on AsiaSat 5 at 100.5°E

AsiaSat 5 at 100.5°East
FREQ: 3915 V 7200
SID: 0001
Today UPDATE here August 30-08-2022
🔑 Biss Key CW : 2F3A 9E07 8C6D 9B94

The 2022 Asia Cup Qualifier was a men’s cricket tournament which took place in Oman in August 2022 to determine qualification for the 2022 Asia Cup (which was originally scheduled to be played in 2020). The 2020 editions of the ACC Western and Eastern Region T20 tournaments were held in February and March 2020 by the Asian Cricket Council (ACC), with thirteen teams competing in total (eight in the Western event and five in the Eastern event) with the aim of progressing to the qualifier.

These were scheduled to be followed by the Asia Cup Qualifier tournament in Malaysia, which was due to be played in August 2020. However, in July 2020, the Asia Cup was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in the postponement of the Qualifier. In May 2021, the Asian Cricket Council confirmed that there would be no Asia Cup in 2021, with that edition of the tournament deferred until 2023. It was later announced that there would be a T20I Asia Cup in 2022, to be hosted by the United Arab Emirates.

Cricket FEED Biss Key on AsiaSat 5 at 100.5°EAST

Satellite AsiaSat 5 at 100.5°East
Frequency 3915 V 7200
Update August 30/08/2022
Biss Key 2A 3F 1C 85 8F 4D 6B 47

The Western Region qualifier was held by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in Oman in February 2020 and the Eastern region qualifier was held in Thailand from 29 February to 6 March 2020. UAE and Kuwait advanced to the main Asia Cup Qualifier after reaching the final of the Western Region event and they were joined by Singapore and Hong Kong who finished in the top two positions in the Eastern event. These four teams contested the Asia Cup Qualifier to determine the sixth team to take part in the 2022 Asia Cup (joining the five Asian Full Members of the International Cricket Council).

China were originally scheduled to take part in the Eastern Region Group, but they withdrew in February 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Bhutan and Myanmar, who were also included in the original schedule, later withdrew their participation. On 23 February 2020, Iran played their first ever T20I match, when they faced the United Arab Emirates in Group B of the Western Region qualifier.

All matches in the qualification tournaments had Twenty20 International (T20I) status.

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