AL-Arabiya FEED New Biss Key 2023

AL-Arabiya Live HD New Biss Key Today Update Here Channels New TP Transponder 2023

AL-Arabiya FEED
Eutelsat 21B 21.6°East
New TP: 11682 V 5699 4:2:0
F 00010021 00 F4E39C73A23316EB; AL-Arabiya FEED (21.6E)

Al Arabiya (Arabic: العربية, transliterated: al-ʿArabiyyah; meaning “The Arabic One” or “The Arab One”[a]) is an international Arabic news television channel, currently based in Riyadh that is operated by the media conglomerate MBC.

The channel is a flagship of the media conglomerate and is therefore the only single offering to carry the name as simply “Al Arabiya” in its branding.

Launched on 3 March 2003, the channel is based in Dubai Media City, United Arab Emirates. An early funder, the production company Middle East News (then headed by Ali Al-Hedeithy), said the goal was to provide “a balanced and less provocative” alternative to Al Jazeera, which had already found widespread success by then.

A free-to-air channel, Al Arabiya broadcasts standard newscasts every hour, as well as talk shows and documentaries. These programs primarily cover current affairs, business, stock markets, and sports. It is rated among the top pan-Arab stations by Middle East audiences. The news organization’s website is accessible in Arabic, English, Urdu, and Persian. As of March 2018, the website’s number-one consumer by country was Saudi Arabia, with 20% of the entire viewership.

On 26 January 2009, U.S. President Barack Obama gave his first formal interview as president to Al Arabiya, delivering the message to the Muslim world that “Americans are not your enemy”, while also reiterating that “Israel is a strong ally of the United States” and that they “will not stop being a strong ally of the United States”. The White House contacted Al Arabiya’s Washington Bureau chief, Hisham Melhem, directly just hours before the interview and asked him not to announce it until an official announcement was made by the administration.

Mamdouh Al-Muhaini is the general manager of the Al Arabiya Network since October 2019, succeeding former manager Nabil Al-Khatib.

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